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To enable a new, regenerative system that has cascading benefits to human and planetary well-being in concert with nature, while cultivating the next generation of global citizens and stewards.

We are a nonprofit charitable organization networking and aligning diverse organizations (Universities, NGOs, Investors, Think Tanks, CBOs) holding and working with data relevant to global warming solutions, and their adjacent impacts, costs and benefits.

Addressing the global emergencies of warming, climate chaos, ecocide and species extinction requires humanity to move beyond siloed-thinking and work in-parallel towards a future that benefits all.

Our Goals

Educate and Inspire

current and future leaders about the existing solutions readily available by enhancing and applying systematic, science-driven assessments of solutions in different relevant biophysical and socioeconomic contexts.

Develop Tools

and gather data for assessing feasibility and impact as well as optimizing adoption of solutions.

Document and Distribute

the current status, adoption and effective implementation of solutions at local, regional and global scale.

The Global Solutions Alliance (GSA) is an international nonprofit organization (based in the USA) composed of individual and organizational stakeholders aligned around a commitment to collective impact and creating holistic models to inspire and inform action. Through comprehensive, scientific data-driven tools collaboratively designed for use by policy makers, investors, NGOs and other on-the-ground decision-makers, change agents will be able to accelerate their work to solve global warming and secure reliable prosperity for communities in mutually beneficial relationships with the natural environment.

The GSA originated from the recognition that cooperation and collaboration in a system are integral to creating conditions for life to thrive. Rather than reinventing the wheel, which only stagnates implementation, leads to confusion, and slows progress, the GSA is an evolving ecosystem of partners that are committed to working together in mutually beneficial ways that support the emergence of regenerative economic and social systems.


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